8" Dunkeys MONO - Coolrain


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Dunkeys, a long awaited collaboration art-figure project brought to you by Coolrain, Seman10cm, and GFX, is finally here.

Prepared in 5 design schemes - Kingong, Skulkey, Pithecuse, Cyborg, Mono- all are offered in color and black versions.

About Coolrain
Coolrain puts the lifestyle and culture of young people in 1/6(30cm) figures. Not to reproduce a particular idol, but in creating a new character, with originality and distinction, his figure with a variety of topics are developed as a series. This approach shows through a collaboration work with domestic and international brands - starting with NIKE, NBA, CINELLI, PUMA, CONVERSE, MVIO(from SAMSUNG), LG, Motorola, Aparoject, T-Level and more.


    • 20cm (8")  
    • Softvinyl & PVC & ABS
    • basketball & seat accessories


    • Coolrain Studio