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Yoshitomo Nara

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  • Yoshitomo Nara's Doggy Radio

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    Popular Japanese contemporary artist Yoshitomo Nara designed Doggy Radio, a fully functional radio that comes with a red nose that lights up when turned on. That nose also functions as a radio dial and the volume is controlled underneath the dog's chin. Though you wouldn't know it, this sculpture even has an intricate sound system nested in its belly by Yamaha Lab.

    Doggy Radio, a limited edition of 3,000 with only 1,000 available in the US, melds artist Yoshitomo Nara’s dual loves: visual art and music. Doggy Radio is an FM radio and stereo with a Yamaha speaker system, featuring Bluetooth wireless, USB, and auxiliary sound input. Touch the doggy’s chin to turn it on/off, turn the nose to tune FM radio stations, and control the volume by petting the doggy’s chin up or down. A metal dog tag includes the limited edition number. Includes a power supply with international outlet adapters and a headphone jack.

1 Item(s)