Josh Keyes - Lifted II

Josh Keyes - Lifted II

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Josh Keyes x ToyQube

We're excited to present Josh Keyes from the Signature Series. Lifted II is a personal piece by Josh Keyes. It critiques the cruel mistreatment of circus animals, while envisioning a critical moment of freedom, danger, and a compassion to help those in need. This limited edition, 3-dimensional sculpture will enable the collector to rotate the angle of the original painting and to add a vision to the story. Meticulously sculpted and casted in high quality resin. The elephant is partially submerged in transparent signature blue "water", as depicted in Josh's Lifted II painting.




Medium: Resin

Size: 6" H (152mm) x 4” W (102mm) x 4” D (102mm)

Edition: 350pcs, each with signed & numbered certificate of authenticity

Bonus Feature: A base will be included with the sculpture