Halloween BE@RBRICK 2016 400%

Halloween BE@RBRICK 2016 400%

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E@RBRICK is dressed up and ready for Halloween 2016 for this black cat-themed
design! The famous bear ears feature two materials, one of which glows
in the dark, giving it the illusion of cat ears, and that same
glow-in-the-dark material is used on its stomach for a Jack-o-Lantern
face and text reading “Happy Halloween” in addition to the cat’s face
and tail!

Its eerie light makes it perfect for this equally eerie season! This 400% model has a height of 11” so it’s the perfect decoration!!



Halloween BE@RBRICK 2016 400%
Manufacturer: Medicom Toy

Medium: articulated plastic figure
Height (approx.): 280 mm | 11"