BE@RBRICK 400% Diamond Mt. Fuji

BE@RBRICK 400% Diamond Mt. Fuji

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Diamond Mt. Fuji
is a spectacular sight that only a lucky few have witnessed. Every once
in awhile the sun sets or rises perfectly in line with the peak of Mt.
Fuji, and the resulting (and stunning) light resembles a diamond. Medicom Toy has captured this treasured sight through their BE@RBRICK figure line.

A faded Mt. Fuji appears on the torso, emphasizing the bright light
at its peak, and the famous mountain fades into a soft purple at the
bottom like a reflection in the water. Star-like sparkles appear
throughout the semi-transparent, blue upper half.

Standing at a height of 11”, this particular model is a 400% BE@RBRICK.




BE@RBRICK 400% Diamond Mt. Fuji
Manufacturer: Medicom Toy

Medium: articulated plastic figure
Height (approx.): 280 mm | 11"